We invest in early-stage
Tech companies.


What we do

We help early stage internet, app and software companies, with teams that want to build a scalable business. We work closely with entrepreneurs that believe they will benefit from active involvement from us.

We like to enter early and we see as our primary mission to provide guidance, competence, capital and essentially anything that is necessary in order to get the business of the ground.

Who we are

We are highly skilled and experienced professionals with a mission: We want entrepreneurs to succeed in the vital early stages of the company development - and to do it fast.

Our guiding principles

We believe that the key to a successful business is providing value to the right customers, applying highly cost-efficient product development, start selling as soon as possible and having fun while doing it.

Team & Contact

Henrik, 7C-Ventures

Henrik Stridsberg

Managing partner
+46 739 739 442

Henrik Stridsberg has a background as serial entrepreneur with companies like Proceedo (procurement process tool and services, one of the first SaaS/cloud companies, sold to Visma 2006) and Widespace (mobile advertising, one of the fastest growing software companies in Europe the last years according to Deloitte Fast 500 2014). Henrik holds a MsC from Royal Institute of Technology and economics from Stockholm university and is driven by a passion for technology, business and people.

Erik, 7C-Ventures

Erik Enecker

Managing partner
+46 768 937 034

Consultant, entrepreneur, business developer and marketer. He has successfully built two consultancy firms, the last being Cliente founded in 2006, specializing in marketing strategy. In 2011 he founded CustCap, a venture capital firm specializing in early stage tech companies where he invested in several companies, including Trade-in-Sports and Soundhailer. Last operative role was to Manage a turnaround of Nepa US business (a publicly held company on Nasdaq), creating high growth, positive cash flow and positive EBITA from a dire situation.

Investments & Projects - Active

Marketing, tech
Investment from May 2015

Branded entertainment and gamification is growing rapidly – and we believe in a future where customers do not feel annoyed and interrupted by banners and ads. Flarie is a leading entertainment company providing brands with a scalable platform for advergaming to entertain and engage their audiences globally on any device or touch point, working with brands such as Unilever, Universal, Klarna, Coca-Cola, SJ, TV4, MAX and American Express. 7C Ventures is the main investor behind Flarie since May 2015 and we are working close with management to grow Flarie's business.


Sales Intelligence, tech
Investment from November 2016

Goava is a sales intelligence platform that uses Big Data and machine learning to identify, explore and target you most qualified leads in a highly competitive way. Its integrated solution provides sales teams with accurate and actionable sales intelligence at their fingertips, this through a user friendly digital interface. 7C-ventures invested in Goava when it was founded and are still actively involved in its growth and development.


Car sales, tech
Investment from May 2018

Like a real estate agent... but for cars. Bilklick is a disruptive virtual agent that brings sellers and buyers of used cars together using an innovative business model and smart technology. It gives the seller a fast and seamless sale with more in their pocket. The buyer on the other hand receives the same confidence and services as from the dealership, without the high costs involved. 7C-ventures invested in Bilklick in its early stages and are actively involved in its business and tech development..

Consumer health, tech
Investment from May 2019

Skinfo provides the consumer with insights into active ingredients in skincare and cosmetics. Skinfo is the first scalable solution that automatically generate scientific information to all consumer facing services and stores across the globe.  Its integrated solution enables all industry solutions to provide transparent and accurate information on all skincare and cosmetic ingredients to the valued end consumer. 7C-ventures invested in Skinfo when it was founded and are still actively involved in its growth and development.

Investments & Projects - Exited


E-sourcing, tech
Investment from June 2015

TenderEasy is the freight cost optimization SaaS cloud based platform TenderEasy supports the complete tendering process with RFQ, repetitive bidding, analysis/scenarios and carrier selection. 7C Ventures provided as strategic advisor and investor from June 2015.

Sold to Castik Capital Group in Jan 2018


Fin tech
Investment from September 2017

Trade-in-Sports is a fin tech company from Stockholm with a fully developed crowd sourcing and trading platform for public investments in sports, be it your favorite athlete or team. 7C-ventures provided as strategic advisor and investor from September 2017.

Sold to Svea Ekonomi in June 2018